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May 25, 2017   Pa. court denies auditor’s second motion for summary judgment, resolving significant damages issue in favor of L&R insurance client
Apr. 6, 2017   Sal Scanio presented at a webinar: Cybercrime: Maximizing Opportunities and Minimizing Threats for Financial Institutions
Jan. 17, 2017   L&R’s insurance client prevails on cross-motions for summary judgment against audit firm, clarifying Pa. discovery rule.
Jan. 10, 2017   Sal Scanio joins Law and Regulation Coordination Work Group of Federal Reserve Task Force
Nov. 3, 2016   L&R client American Univ. of Kuwait prevails on American Univ.’s summary judgment motion in TTAB trademark proceeding
Sept. 23, 2016   L&R obtain orders of civil contempt in D.C. Superior Court for post-judgment discovery non-compliance
Aug. 9, 2016   L&R obtains D.C. Superior Court order for writs of attachment of publicly traded securities in post-judgment proceeding
May 20, 2016   Sal Scanio quoted in Reuters article, Cyber thieves exploit banks’ faith in SWIFT transfer network.
Mar. 15, 2016   L&R cert. petition in Odhiambo v. Rep. of Kenya added to watch list for acceptance by Supreme Court by
Mar. 15, 2016   Law360 publishes Robert Ludwig’s article, Court Nominee, Guns, and Constitutional Illiteracy
Mar. 4, 2016   Sal Scanio joins Information Sharing for Mitigation of Payment Risk and Fraud Work Group of Federal Reserve Task Force
Feb. 24, 2016   L&R secures favorable early settlement for insurance client against Big-4 audit firm in ongoing Pa. litigation
Jan. 11, 2016   Law360 publishes Robert Ludwig's article, 2nd Amendment Still Undecided, Hiding in Plain View
Jan. 6, 2016   TTAB allows counterclaim of L&R client American Univ. of Kuwait in trademark cancellation case against American Univ.
Jan. 6, 2016   PRWeb announces Robert Ludwig's article on Second Amendment
Dec. 2015   Sal Scanio’s article, Payment Card Fraud, Data Breaches, and Emerging Payment Technologies, is published at XXI Fidelity L.J. 59 (2015)
Nov. 4, 2015   Robert Ludwig serves as Co-Chair of the 2015 Annual Conference, Fidelity Law Association in Washington, DC
Nov. 4, 2015   Sal Scanio presents the topic, Payment Card Fraud and Emerging Payment Technologies, at the Fidelity Law Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC
Oct. 5, 2015   Supreme Court asks Solicitor General’s views on L&R petition for Kenyan client raising long-hidden meaning at heart of FSIA
July 29, 2015   DOJ Inspector General faults PwC audit in Pa. case filed by L&R
July 29, 2015   L&R’s win for client PNC Bank was featured in DRI’s The Voice
June 23, 2015   L&R obtains D.C. Superior Court judgment confirming arbitration award and order dismissing counterclaim
June 2015   Sal Scanio becomes a member of the Federal Reserve System’s new Secure Payments Task Force
May 28, 2015   Pa. court rules for L&R insurance client, denying motions to dismiss audit case
May 2015   L&R prevails for PNC Bank in obtaining Maryland appeals decision affirming dismissal of $5m case alleging wire and account activity arising from distressed real estate investment scheme
Apr. 2015   L&R seeks Supreme Court review of decades-long conflicts under Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act in action against Kenya
Jan. 2015   Robert Ludwig is appointed Co-Chair, 2015 Annual Conference, Fidelity Law Association
Nov. 2014   L&R’s article, Contracting out of the Uniform Commercial Code: Reducing Bank Liability by Shortening the One-Year Notice for Reporting Check Fraud is published in the Banking & Fin. Services Pol’y Rep. 15 (Nov. 2014)
Oct. 2014   L&R advocates new precedent before D.C. Circuit under Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act in action against Kenya
Mar. 10, 2014   Sal Scanio speaks at BAI, The Future of Payments Fraud, Las Vegas
Mar. 4, 2014 & Dec. 20, 2013   L&R obtains summary judgment for PNC Bank in suit arising out of $5m distressed real estate investment scheme, and prior dismissal of 8 of 10 counts
Oct. 2013   L&R advocates new precedent before D.C. Circuit under Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act for whistleblower in action against Kenya
Apr. 2013   L&R’s article, Surging, Swift and Liable?  Cybercrime and Electronic Payments Fraud Involving Commercial Bank Accounts:  Who Bears the Loss? is published at 16 J. Internet L. 3 (Apr. 2013)
Jan. 9, 2013   L&R obtains early dismissal of $1.5m Maryland check fraud suit against PNC Bank
Dec. 4, 2012   In a $1.4m foreign judgment enforcement proceeding in D.C., L&R defeats defendants’ motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction
Nov. 2012   L&R’s article is featured in the Fall 2012 ABA Commercial Law Newsletter: Cybercrime and Online Banking Fraud: An Overview of the Rules for Allocating Commercial Account Losses
Oct. 12, 2012   In a substantial federal UCC case in Maryland, L&R thwarts motion for remand to state court
July 3, 2012   In one of few reported decisions, a federal appeals court clarifies liability between bank and business customer whose account was hacked by cyberthieves, in case where district court cited L&R’s article on malware and fraudulent electronic funds transfers
May 22, 2012   L&R secures favorable settlement for Egyptian-American biotech client in trade secret and patent litigation against Chinese and related U.S. entities
Sept. 23, 2011   Virginia federal court rules in favor of L&R biotech client in denying defendant’s motion to dismiss or transfer
Aug. 22, 2011   Court rules in favor of L&R client Northern Trust Bank, in denying motion to dismiss in $16 million suit
May 27, 2011   Federal district court issues extensive opinion concerning commercially reasonable security procedures under UCC Article 4A, prominently citing L&R’s article on the subject
Jan. 26, 2011   Sal Scanio speaks to the Association of Corporate Counsel, Financial Services Committee on Fraudulent Electronic Funds Transfers: How Banks and Corporations May Reduce Legal and Operational Risks
Jan. 11, 2011   L&R presents in-house client seminar on Cybercrime, Financial Institution Liability, and Insurance Coverage Implications
Jan. 2011   Jim Tompert reports on the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act: The Most Sweeping Financial Reform Since the Great Depression
Feb. 14, 2011   Carl Lettow becomes general counsel to an advanced materials technology company, remaining Of Counsel to L&R
Dec. 2010   L&R’s article, "Malware and Fraudulent Electronic Funds Transfers: Who Bears the Loss?”, is published at 16 Fidelity L.J. 101 (2010)
Nov. 3, 2010   Sal Scanio presents the topic, Malware and Fraudulent Electronic Funds Transfers: Who Bears the Loss?, at the Fidelity Law Association Annual Conference in Boston
Feb. 1, 2010   Jim Tompert joins L&R as Of Counsel, opening a Detroit-area office and creating a Midwest presence for the firm
May 14, 2008 selects L&R’s petition for writ of certiorari as a "Petition to Watch," in Orient Mineral Co., et al. v. Bank of China, a case expected to resolve longstanding conflict over interpretation of the commercial-activity exception of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
Jan. 28, 2008   Washington Post article, quoting banking law experts and a leaked L&R letter to former D.C. attorney general and special counsel regarding a $50 million scheme involving property tax refund checks, pressures mayor’s general counsel to initiate suit against responsible third parties
2007   Phil Robinson acts as an expert witness in defense of a federal prosecution in Utah for international money laundering
June 2005   L&R releases paper, Check Fraud: Liability and Defenses of Banks Under the Uniform Commercial Code
Jan. 28, 2005   Bob Ludwig presents Check Fraud: Defending the Financial Institution Coverage Claim, or Minimizing the Covered Exposure, at the ABA Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section Winter Meeting in New York
Oct. 15, 1998   Washington Post reports settlement of world-publicized case, Knab v. Republic of Georgia, et al., in which L&R represented the estate of a Brazilian teenager killed in a drunk-driving crash by a Georgian diplomat, in a wrongful death suit brought under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
Apr. 26, 1997   Washington Post reports on settlement of insurance coverage suits by prominent local company, Maxima Corp. against Hartford, represented by L&R, including claims of misappropriations by California subsidiary and Nigerian investors, and Hartford’s counterclaim for insurance fraud